Fresh British fish is always our preference and we work closely, communicating daily with skippers around the country to source the best quality fresh fish and seafood possible for our customers. Only the very best of the catch is selected by our fresh fish buyers with strict quality control measures in place.

Fresh fish & seafood is often landed direct to us from various vessels around the country as we have built up a good, strong working relationship with many skippers over many years.

Our fresh fish buyers select only the prize fish from the fresh catch at daily markets, the majority of our fish comes in and goes out to customers the same day ensuring absolute freshness, all fish is checked for quality at every stage of the process. Quality control measures are in place to score fish that enters our intake chill for freshness, fish not up to our high standards is rejected. A final QC check is made at the final stage once fish has been prepped for each individual order prior to dispatch.

We now offer MSC Certified sustainable seafood having achieved MSC certification with the scope to further increase our list of certified fresh fish reinforcing our beliefs in a sustainable future for the industry.

'Below you will see the ports where we buy our fish from, click on a marker too see what fish we buy and from where'

Our Ports

We do buy fish from Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland always as a second option which we treat essentially as a back up. The fish is always fresh and of the best possible quality and has never seen a freezer, not to be mistaken with its frozen at sea counterpart.